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är en ny konsertserie initierad av Semente Cultural Productions under hösten och vintern 2022/2023. En gång i månaden kommer Semente att presentera en unik livemusikupplevelse där en internationell världs-/folkartist spelar med en etablerad svensk jazzinstrumentalist och kompositör. Grunden för dessa konserter är att – för en nyfiken publik – presentera artister från olika länder som komponerar ny musik och spelar ovanliga instrument tillsammans med en välkänd svensk musiker som är etablerad i jazzvärlden. Tanken är att låta artisterna föra en dialog mellan sina originalrepertoarer och genom sina instrument, vilket också ger utrymme åt improvisationen.

DUETS – Dialogues between international folk/world and Swedish jazz voices

DUETS is a new concert series at Stallet Världens Musik during autumn and winter 2022/2023. Once a month, we will present a unique live music  experience where an international world/folk artist plays with an established Swedish jazz instrumentalist and composer. The basis of these concerts is to present to a curious audience artists who compose new music and play unusual instruments from different countries, on stage with a well-known Swedish musician who is established in the jazz world. The idea is to let the artists have a dialogue between their original repertoires and throughout the voices of their instruments, giving space to the improvisation as well.

The concert is in partnership with WOMEX, the biggest Music Fair in the world,  since some of the international artists have been showcased by the biggest international music fair.


Onsdag 26 april / Wednesday 26th April: 

Martha Mavroidi (Grekland – röst)

Martha Mavroidi is a singer, lutist and composer from Greece. She has been singing and playing folk lutes from her childhood, performing music from Greece and the Balkans. Later she developed an interest in contemporary music, blending elements of folk music with contemporary harmony and improvisation. Martha has collaborated with important musicians and ensembles such as the legendary Greek folk violinist Stathis Koukoularis, ECM artist Savina Yannatou, English folk singer and violinist Eliza Carthy.. With her Quartet she has performed in various venues in Europe and the USA. Martha is a member of the vocal quartet ”Yasemi”, and she conducts the “Happy Hour Choir”, a workshop in the form of a vocal orchestra, and the Greek Folk Choir ”Rodia”. She has composed music for prize-winning short and feature films, and for dance and theater productions. She has been commissioned to compose musical works for the Greek National Opera and the Greek National Theater. MArtha Mavroidi has released four albums and since 2013 she is the artistic director of Tinos World Music Festival. The Mediterranean, folk-inspired  sounds of Martha’s lute and voice will meet the Nordic Nu jazz melodies of Daniel Karlsson’s piano compositions in this unique duo concert.

Daniel Karlsson (Sverige – piano)

Pianist, composer and bandleader, Daniel Karlsson was born in Kristinehamn in the county of Värmland. Educated at Kungliga Musikhögskolan in Stockholm 1994-1998, during his early years in the city he grew into the music community and learned to know, among many others, Fredrik Norén and Lennart Åberg, joining their bands and projects. A few years later, Daniel and some friends formed the multi-awarded group Oddjob, which now has been active for more than 25 years. Daniel’s solo debut album, Pan-Pan, came in 2005 whilst receiving the award ”Jazz i Sverige”. In 2013 Daniel formed his own trio which is his main work up to date. During the last ten years, the Daniel Karlsson trio have received multiple awards, such as Grammis, “Jazzkatten” (Swedish National Radio prize) and Gyllene skivan (Golden disc). In 2021, the Swedish National Jazz Association (Svensk Jazz) awarded Daniel Karlsson for “his innovative contribution to jazz music (…), always with a strong personal voice and the curiosity to explore new soundscapes.” Over the years Daniel has also been a band member with Magnus Öström, Till Brönner, Lisa Nilsson and many others.

Arrangör/Organizer: Semente Cultural Productions i samarbete med/in collaboration with Womex

Med stöd från Kulturrådet. With support from Kulturrådet (Swedish Art Council).


200kr ordinarie/
140kr medlem Stallet/studerande/pensionär
(inkl. 20kr bokningsavgift)

Stallet & serveringen öppnar 18.00
Stanna gärna kvar, serveringen har öppet

Doors 6pm – concert 7pm – welcome!

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